15 Elegant Squarespace Wedding Website Examples (2024)

Planning your wedding? Consider Squarespace wedding websites as your go-to solution as the platform allows you to create a stunning website with minimum effort so you can share all the important details about your special day with friends and family.

When it comes to wedding planning, simplicity is key. With Squarespace, you can quickly set up your website and focus on other important tasks, like choosing the perfect dress or finalizing your guest list. Say goodbye to complicated website builders and hello to Squarespace’s intuitive platform.

Vendors can also benefit from Squarespace’s platform, creating sleek and professional websites to showcase their products or services. With this out of the way, get ready to create your perfect wedding website as we hunted down the best Squarespace wedding websites in the wild for your inspiration, and added the 5 most popular templates you can use.

In the end, we also sprinkled 10 tips for making the perfect wedding website, so stay tuned for that as well.

1. Chloe & Jack Wedding Site

Chole & Jack’s wedding website is beautifully designed, giving off a classic and timeless vibe. The sepia-toned background and pops of red color create a vintage look, while the retro font adds to the old-school charm. The main photo of the couple in black and white enhances this nostalgic feel. Despite its vintage style, the website is easy to navigate.

Key highlights:
  • The top menu makes it simple to find different sections.
  • Clear arrows and labels guide visitors through the site.
  • The Details page provides all the necessary information, including maps of the venue locations.
  • Personal touches, like a photo of the couple’s pet, add warmth to the site.

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2. Rush & Danit Wedding Site

Rush & Danit’s wedding website offers a delightful twist by featuring childhood photos on the homepage, adding a nostalgic touch to their love story. The site boasts a polished appearance with elegant fonts, a sophisticated logo, and captivating images throughout. Navigation is smooth, allowing guests to easily find essential sections like RSVP and Gift registry. With its blend of personal flair and user-friendly design, Rush & Danit’s website ensures an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Key highlights:
  • A unique use of childhood photos adds a charming touch
  • Elegant fonts, a logo, and imagery contribute to a polished design
  • Seamless navigation allows for easy access to important sections
  • Personal touches enhance authenticity and engagement

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3. Ben & Casey Wedding Site

Ben and Casey’s wedding website truly shines with its personal touch and inviting vibe. It’s simple yet filled with excitement and charm, reflecting the couple’s personalities in every aspect. From the witty main header to the engaging image slideshows and video clips, the site radiates joy and celebration.

Functionally, it’s a winner too, offering clear details about the wedding date, venue, and schedule right on the homepage. Guests can easily access information about invitations, local accommodations, FAQs, and more, ensuring a smooth experience.

The addition of an RSVP page and custom domain further streamlines communication and organization for both the couple and their guests, making it a convenient platform for everyone involved. In essence, Ben and Casey’s wedding website sets a high standard with its perfect blend of personality and practicality.

Key highlights:
  • The personalized design reflects the couple’s unique style
  • Humorous elements add charm and excitement
  • Easy navigation and comprehensive information enhance user experience
  • RSVP page and custom domain simplify communication and organization

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4. Alex & Andrew Wedding Site

Alex and Andrew’s wedding website takes a minimalistic approach with a twist. While it doesn’t feature abundant white space, its simplicity lies in its concise text and large, full-sized photos of the couple. Each page tells a story through to-the-point text, complemented by striking visuals that capture the essence of their journey together.

Key highlights:
  • Each page shares Alex and Andrew’s story straightforwardly, making it easy for visitors to connect with their journey.
  • Large, full-sized images of the couple add depth and emotion to the site, giving visitors a glimpse into their love story.
  • The website is well-organized, with straightforward menus that make it simple to find what you’re looking for.
  • From heartfelt anecdotes to candid snapshots, the website feels warm and genuine, reflecting Alex and Andrew’s personalities.
  • The site provides all the essential wedding information guests need, from RSVP details to accommodation recommendations.

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5. Sam & DJ Wedding Site

Sam & DJ’s wedding website keeps things simple and chic, proving that less is often more. Their homepage is a single, easy-to-scroll-through page that quickly gives guests all the important details: date, location, registry, and RSVP button. The site’s design is clean and elegant, making it a breeze for visitors to find what they need without any fuss.

Key highlights:
  • The design is straightforward yet beautiful, making it easy for guests to navigate and find the information they’re looking for.
  • High-quality images take center stage, captivating visitors and telling the couple’s story in a visually appealing way.
  • With clear menus and intuitive design elements, guests can easily explore the site and learn more about the wedding and the couple’s journey.
  • Mobile responsiveness.

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6. Humayra & Henri Wedding Site

Humayra & Henri’s wedding website is a standout example of elegant design and captivating photography. The site features a plethora of beautiful images, showcasing the couple, their adorable dog Layla, and various wedding venues. Each page is filled with these striking visuals, creating a sophisticated yet functional platform. Despite the emphasis on photography, the site remains easy to navigate, allowing guests to find all the necessary information effortlessly.

Key highlights:
  • The website has high-quality images that beautifully capture the couple’s love story and wedding details.
  • Sleek layout and tasteful typography, the site exudes sophistication.
  • Clear menus make it simple for guests to explore different sections and find relevant details.
  • Comprehensive information about venue details and accommodation options.

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7. Kathryn & Stephen Wedding Site

Kathryn & Stephen’s wedding website gives guests a peek into their love story while providing all the important details for their big day. It’s a convenient hub for wedding information, including event schedules, venue details, and how Kathryn & Stephen met and fell in love.

The site’s layout is easy to navigate, with clear headers and a simple menu. What sets it apart is the personal touch, with stories about the couple’s journey adding warmth and connection. With Squarespace’s customization options, couples can personalize their site to match their wedding theme and style perfectly.

Key highlights:
  • The website covers all the important details about the wedding events and venue.
  • Guests can easily find what they need thanks to the clear layout and menu.
  • Stories about Kathryn & Stephen’s relationship make the website more engaging and heartfelt.

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8. Jen & Des Wedding Site

Jen and Des’s Squarespace wedding website radiates warmth and charm, offering guests a glimpse into their love story and the excitement surrounding their upcoming celebration in Thailand. Their website stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, with a design that seamlessly aligns with their beach wedding theme.

Through detailed guides and suggestions, they make it easy for guests to navigate travel logistics and explore the beauty of Koh Chang Island. Additionally, they provide holiday suggestions and extend a heartfelt invitation.

Key highlights:
  • Heartfelt portrayal of their love story and wedding plans
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate design with a beach wedding theme
  • Comprehensive travel guides for guests attending the wedding
  • Suggestions for holiday activities, enhancing the guest experience
  • Personalized invitation that captures the essence of the couple’s relationship

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9. Rachel & Dan Wedding Site

Rachel and Dan’s wedding website, set for August 17, 2024, looks really nice. It’s got tasteful artwork, a well-crafted logo, and elegant typography. Despite its aesthetic charm and comprehensive details regarding events, accommodations, activities, and registry, the absence of the couple’s photos is notable. In wedding website design, celebrating the couple through photography is mandatory, as it adds a personal touch and allows guests to connect emotionally with the soon-to-be-married pair.

Key highlights:
  • Visually appealing design with tasteful artwork, logo, and typography
  • Comprehensive details about events, accommodations, activities, and registry
  • Absence of the couple’s photos detracts from the personal touch expected in wedding websites

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10. Madi & Renoir Wedding Site

Madi & Renoir’s wedding website is simple and to the point, offering guests all the essential details at a glance. From the date and location to attire recommendations, everything is neatly laid out on a single page. What’s particularly convenient is the RSVP feature, which is seamlessly integrated into the homepage with an embedded form. Additionally, the site provides extra information like parking and accommodations, ensuring guests have everything they need to know in one place.

Key highlights:
  • All essential wedding details are presented clearly on a single page.
  • Streamlined RSVP process with a form on the homepage.
  • Additional information is provided for guests’ convenience, such as parking and accommodations.
  • Sophisticated design featuring a monochrome color scheme and modern fonts for readability.

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You can also find premade Squarespace templates on the Wedding theme, so here are 5 premade wedding website themes you can directly use and modify to fit your needs.

11. Premade Morena Squarespace Website

The Morena template offers a straightforward approach for couples looking to create a wedding website. With its minimal homepage design, it’s ideal for directing guests to the digital RSVP link. This template is a time-saving option as it simplifies the customization process. With limited pre-built image blocks and a focus on essential details, couples can efficiently fill in the information and direct guests to the site. This allows couples to dedicate more time to enjoying their engagement and planning their special day.

Key highlights:
  • Minimal homepage design for easy navigation
  • Directs guests to the digital RSVP link
  • Simplifies customization process with limited pre-built image blocks
  • Focuses on essential details to save time for couples

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12. Modern Soria Wedding Website on Squarespace

he Soria template offers a captivating full-page photo feature that instantly grabs visitors’ attention with its visual appeal. Couples can choose to enhance their website further by replacing the background photo with a video, adding an extra touch of excitement. This template includes essential elements like a map for the venue location, an RSVP form, links to the wedding registry, and sections for ceremony dates and details.

Moreover, Soria provides an Our Story page where couples can share their journey through engagement photos, memorable quotes, and a background story about their relationship. This adds a personal touch and allows guests to connect on a deeper level.

Furthermore, the template includes thoughtful details like an email link on the homepage footer for guests to reach out with questions. Couples can also integrate their wedding hashtag with a link to Instagram search results, making it easy for guests to share and view photos related to the wedding festivities.

Key highlights:
  • Captivating full-page photo or video feature
  • Essential elements including venue map, RSVP form, and registry links
  • Our Story page for sharing engagement photos and relationship background
  • Thoughtful details such as email link and Instagram hashtag integration

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13. Dario Wedding Squarespace Website

The Dario template has a big, eye-catching image that immediately grabs your attention, just like the Soria template. But unlike Soria, Dario has a simpler look with clean fonts and simple layouts that give it an elegant and sophisticated vibe.

On the homepage, Dario gives you space to share your story as a couple and all the important info about your wedding schedule and location. It’s well-organized and easy to navigate, so guests can quickly find what they need.

One cool thing about Dario is its Gifts page. Instead of just a traditional registry, it gives guests options for giving cash gifts or linking to an external registry. It’s a nice touch that adds some flexibility for both hosts and guests.

And when it comes to mobile, Dario looks great. It’s easy to read and scroll through, so guests can check out your site on their phones without any hassle.

Key highlights:
  • Captivating full-screen image feature for attention-grabbing visuals
  • Understated aesthetic with simple fonts and minimalistic layouts
  • Detailed sections for sharing backstories, wedding schedules, and location details
  • Unique Gifts page offering options for cash gifts or external registry links
  • Mobile optimization for seamless viewing on smartphones and tablets

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14. Rey Wedding Squarespace Website

The Rey template offers a sleek and minimalistic design, perfect for couples who prefer a one-page wedding website. It allows you to showcase all the necessary details, including your wedding date, venue information, and a brief introduction about yourselves, all on a single page. Additionally, you can easily include links to your registry and a convenient RSVP button for guests.

This simplicity makes Rey an excellent choice for couples who want to create an elegant event website without spending too much time on customization, allowing them to focus more on their wedding preparations.

Key highlights:
  • Clean and beautiful design
  • One-page layout for easy navigation
  • Quick setup with essential details
  • Integration for registry links and RSVP button
  • Ideal for couples prioritizing simplicity and efficiency in website creation

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15. Malcolm Premade Wedding Squarespace Website

If you prefer to keep your wedding website organized with different pages for various details, the Malcolm template is perfect. It lets you create separate pages for things like event schedules, travel info, and FAQs, making it easy for guests to find what they need. Plus, you can add a page for your registry and embed your selections from another website. This way, your guests have everything they need in one convenient spot.

Key highlights:
  • Great for organizing wedding details into separate pages
  • Customizable event schedules, travel info, and FAQs
  • Option to embed registry selections from another website
  • Ensures a tidy and accessible website for guests
  • Provides a convenient browsing experience for loved ones attending the wedding

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10 Tips for Designing a Top-Notch Wedding Website

Planning your dream wedding involves creating a memorable experience for your guests. One of the best ways to do this is by designing a wedding website. In this section, we’ll share 10 tips for designing a wedding website that’s both beautiful and easy to use, ensuring that your big day is a memorable and stress-free event for everyone involved.

✔️1. Choosing the Right Website Builder and Template

When you start creating your wedding website, start by picking a platform that’s easy to use. Squarespace is a great option because it lets you design a beautiful site without needing any coding skills. It gives you a variety of templates to choose from that suit your style and wedding theme. For example, you might want a template with pages like Home, Our Story, Wedding Details, RSVP, and Registry.

In addition, the platform also provides step-by-step instructions and a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to customize your website exactly how you want it.

✔️2. Personalizing the Look of Your Site

Make your wedding website unique by customizing its appearance to match your style. If you choose Squarespace as your builder, you can easily change colors, fonts, and layouts to create a design that reflects your wedding aesthetic.

Speaking of personalizing your own look and feel, it would be even better if you use the same fonts and colors from your printed invitations to keep everything cohesive.

✔️3. Answering Your Guests’ Questions

Your wedding website is the perfect place to answer any questions your guests might have. Consider creating an FAQs page where you can address common inquiries about transportation, parking, and the venue.

✔️4. Adding an RSVP Form

Including an online RSVP form on your website will allow guests to respond to your invitation quickly and easily, without having to mail back a response card. Squarespace has that option in just a few clicks.

This makes it simple for you to keep track of who’s coming and plan accordingly. Plus, guests will appreciate the convenience of being able to RSVP online.

✔️5. Including Registry Information

You can create a dedicated page for your registry and link to it from your homepage. This ensures that guests can find your registry easily and gives them options for how to contribute to your wedding.

✔️6. Including Info That Can Be Used as Icebreakers

Engage your guests by sharing personal stories and anecdotes on your wedding website. Maybe, you can add a section that explains how you met, highlights key moments in your relationship, and introduces your wedding party. This not only helps guests feel more connected to you and your partner but also gives them something to talk about during the event.

✔️7. Avoiding Writing Too Much

When it comes to writing content for your wedding website, less is often more. Keep paragraphs short and to the point, and focus on conveying essential information clearly and straightforwardly.

The best way to make your content easy to read is to create a hierarchy. Do so, use headings and subheadings to organize your content.

✔️8. Explaining Unique Traditions

In case your wedding includes cultural or religious traditions that some guests might not be familiar with, take the time to explain them on your website. For example, you can include background information and instructions for participating to ensure that all guests feel included and informed.

✔️9. Setting Up a Travel Directions and Accommodations Page

For guests traveling to your wedding, it’s helpful to provide information about directions and accommodations on your website. Create a dedicated page where guests can find details about transportation options, nearby hotels, and recommended activities.

This makes it easier for guests to plan their trip and ensures that they have everything they need to attend your wedding.

✔️10. Creating a Wedding Email Account for Lingering Questions

And last, but not the least, you can make it easy for guests to reach out with any questions or concerns by setting up a dedicated email account for your wedding. Include this email address on your website so guests know how to contact you about any lingering questions or concerns.

Alrighty, folks, that’s a wrap!

To sum up, as you craft your wedding website, think about your guests. They’ll be visiting to stay in the loop and share in your joy. So, make sure your site is easy to navigate, use an RSVP page for your digital invites, and include all the important wedding details like the date, time, and location. Squarespace’s view assistant feature makes that easy to achieve.

Hey, before you go, don’t forget to check out our other awesome articles on UI/UX design! We’ve got loads of tips and inspiration to help you create stunning designs that will blow your mind.

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15 Elegant Squarespace Wedding Website Examples (2024)
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