6-Ingredient Vegan Bread Pudding Recipe (2024)

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This vegan bread pudding recipe is so easy to make! Even better? It uses croissants as a base instead of bread! Of course, you can substitute your own bread that you have on hand to make this recipe, but croissants elevate the flavor and make it so tasty and unique!

I have to be honest, bread pudding is my weakness and I will order it as a dessert wherever I go. That being said, finding vegan bread pudding is often difficult as most bread pudding recipes use cream, eggs and more!

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The best part about this recipe is that you can easily customize the flavor and fruit. Personally, I used blueberries but you can use whichever fruit you love!

I have also used strawberries and blackberries. You can even substitute the blueberries for an even amount of chopped bananas if you love a banana flavor.

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Finding The Croissants For Vegan Bread Pudding

If you go to your local store, chances are the croissants are not going to be vegan. That being said, it is entirely possibly to get your hands on vegan croissants if you want to make this a croissant bread pudding!

First, you can find pre-made vegan croissants at may health food stores or vegan bakeries. Check your local natural foods store or a nearby Whole Foods. I have seen them at all of these establishments in the past.

You can also buy croissant dough and make them yourself! Mainstream brands like Pillsbury are “accidentally vegan” and don’t use any animal products!

Check the ingredients for croissant dough in a tube to see if yours is accidentally vegan too.

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How To Make Vegan Bread Pudding

Making vegan bread pudding is actually sinfully easy! Again, for the sake of this recipe, I use blueberries as my fruit add-in but you can add any fruit you want, in an even amount!

I also use croissants as they are flay and delicious, but any day-old bread torn up into cubes works as a base for the vegan bread pudding!

This is a great family-friendly dessert to make together as kids love ripping up the bread into small pieces! From experience, adults love doing it too!

All you have to do is rip up the bread and put it in an 8×8 pan.

Sounds pretty simple right? That is because it is!

Then, you whisk together all of the remaining ingredients and pour them over the blueberries and croissants or bread if you are using regular vegan bread.

Then you bake in the oven and you are done!

Now, you have many options for serving! You can make even more vegan bread pudding sauce by doubling the recipe below or you can sprinkle with some powdered sugar or vegan whip cream!

This isn’t one of those “healthy” vegan desserts, this is an indulgent, spongy, sugary delicious one!

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How To Reheat Vegan Bread Pudding

Reheating the vegan bread pudding is so simple and easy! All you have to do is microwave your portion on high for 30-60 seconds, depending on your microwave and how hot you want it to be.

I know a lot of vegans and people, in general, don’t like using microwaves to reheat food, but this is the best and easiest way to reheat the vegan bread pudding.

If you want to reheat the bread pudding in the oven, put the oven on 350F and cover the bread pudding with tin foil or a silpat and let it warm up for 5-15 minutes.

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Freezing Vegan Bread Pudding

Freezing bread pudding is super simple and easy, but there is a trick. Since I suggest heating up individual portions in the microwave or oven, this is how you should freeze it.

First, let your vegan bread pudding cool down all the way. Then, cut it into individual slices and place on a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet, evenly spaced and not touching each other. You want to be sure you leave enough space so they don’t stick!

Freeze until solid and then store slices in a ziplock baggy. It is important to freeze the pieces until solid beforehand so that they don’t stick together in the freezer which makes them impossible to defrost.

In order to defrost, simply take out the piece of bread pudding that you want and let it thaw on the counter. Once it is thawed part of the way, go ahead and pop it into the microwave until warm or warm it in the oven as I explained above!

Yield: 1 8x8 inch pan

6-Ingredient Vegan Bread Pudding

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This vegan bread pudding is so delicious and easy to make! This recipe uses croissants and blueberries, but you can easily modify to use whatever bread you have on hand, even gluten-free, and whatever berries you like the best!

Prep Time10 minutes

Cook Time40 minutes

Total Time50 minutes


  • 6 vegan croissants (or 6 slices of bread)
  • 1/4 cup flax seed
  • 2/3 cup white sugar
  • 2 cups of vegan half and half cream (I use Silk Almond brand)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries (or fruit of your choice)
  • Powdered sugar (optional)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Roughly tear vegan croissants or bread into large cubes and mix with one cup of frozen or fresh blueberries or fruit of your choice in an 8x8 baking dish.

In a blender, puree the flax seeds, sugar, half and half and salt and then pour over the fruit and bread mixture. The flax seeds will add an eggy consistency!

Press the croissant or bread mixture down to make sure it is evenly soaked with the wet mix.

Bake in the oven for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean in the middle.

Let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar or a dollop of vegan whip cream to serve

6-Ingredient Vegan Bread Pudding Recipe (2024)
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