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House Cleaning Services, Move outs, Eviction, Hoarders, Offices ... - household services - craigslist (1)

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Serrano's Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial

Fully Insured
In Business Since 2000

#1 Stockton California

10% Discount First Time Cleaning.

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Tracy and surrounding cities

All cleaning supplies included Call now 209-910-3627

Why Us!
Local Business
Basic Supplies & Equipment provided ( we are happy to use yours)
We try to send the same crew whenever possible
We’re not a franchise
Automatic Payments Save 7% on Flat Recurring Cleaning.
Save 10% on first time flat rate cleaningFlat Rate Prices
Hourly Service

Our Services

Recurring service (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
One-Time Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Move in Cleaning
Move out Cleaning
Eviction Cleaning
Hoarders clean up
Offices Cleaning
Business Cleaning
Warehouse cleaning
Deltal Offices Cleaning
Church Cleaning
Daycare Cleaning
Store Cleaning
Beauty Salon Cleaning
Barber Shop Cleaning
Clinics Cleaning
Floor Waxing
Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning business understands the needs of beauty salons facilities when it comes to cleaning. We cleaning beauty salons as we understand that image is a very important part of the success of your business. We will dust and wipe all areas, empty your trash bins and hair disposal bins, dust all blinds and window sills, mirrors, wipe down sinks, wipe down furniture, wipe down cabinets, vacuum all flooring, mop mats, and more... Not all businesses are created equal. Call us for a free consultation and estimate to match your specific needs.

209-910-3627 Free Estimates
Book Online in less than 60 seconds.
Quality Cleaning Services


What include in my services

Recurring Basic Cleaning


Clean and disinfect counters.
Clean Stove top.
Clean and disinfect sink.
Clean outside the appliancess.
Wipe down spots on the cabinets.
Dust accessible windows sills.
Dust accessible Baseboards.
Sweep or vacuum floor.
Mop floor.

Dining room
Dust pictures frames
Dust furniture
Dust accessible baseboards.
Dust accessible windows sills.
Vacuum floor
Mop floor.


Wash Shower
Wash bath tub
Clean and disinfect toilet in and outside
Clean and disinfect sink.
Clean and disinfect counters.
Wipe down mirrors.
Disinfect outside of the cabinets.
Clean accessible Baseboards.
Clean and disinfect doors
Sweep and mop floor.


Dust accessible furniture.
Dust pictures frames
Dust accessible windows sills.
Dust accessible baseboards
Clean and disinfect doors
Dust ceiling fans.
Vacuum floors

Living room

Vacuum, wipe down or dust couches.
Dust and clean furniture
Dust pictures frames.
Dust celing fans.
Dust accessible windows sills.
Dust accessible baseboards
Vacuum floor
Mop floor.

Laundry room

Wipe down outside washer and dryer.
Dust accessible baseboards.
Clean and disinfect doors
Vacuum floor.
Mop floor.

Hoarders Clean Up (209)910-3627
All cleaning supplies provide.

We Offer Hoarding Clean Up

Trash Removal
House Cleaning
Windows Cleaning
Blinds Cleaning
Carpet Deep Cleaning
Floor Washing
Bathrooms Deep Clean
Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Many times the people who hoard know they have a problem and want help but are too embarrassed to ask for it, so they suffer in silence. Besides the gross filth problems people trapped in a hoarding situations often times have other medical conditions that can be serious or exacerbated by the filth all around them.

Serrano's Cleaning provides discreet consultations and will provide as discreet as possible cleanup of the gross filth. We do not drive big flashy vehicles with our name and services on them, our services are confidential and your name is never sold or used in any publication.

We are happy to offer One Time Deep cleaning services. If you are interested in having the house cleaned top to bottom please be sure to ask for this when we estimate our services for you.

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    House Cleaning Services, Move outs, Eviction, Hoarders, Offices ... - household services - craigslist (2024)
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