Marc Cucurella ruthlessly booed with every touch during Euro 2024 semi-final (2024)

Marc Cucurella was booed every time he touched the ball during Spain's Euro 2024 semi-final win over France.

The Chelsea star was mercilessly jeered by the crowd at Munich's Allianz Arena on Tuesday night, as Spain reached the final with a 2-1 victory.


The reason why he was booed so loudly? That was because of what happened in the quarter-final against Germany.

There were German fans in the crowd who had perhaps expected their nation to progress to the final four.

However, the hosts lost out to Spain in the quarter-finals and there was controversy surrounding the result.

When the score was 1-1 in extra-time, a Jamal Musiala shot cannoned off the hand of Cucurella.

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But neither of the English officials - referee Anthony Taylor and VAR Stuart Attwell - decided to award Julian Nagelsmann's side a penalty.

They ruled that Cucurella's arm was not in an unnatural position when the ball struck it, and UEFA later backed the call.

Spain went on to snatch victory in the closing stages of extra-time through Mikel Merino to knock out Germany.

The German fans were so furious at the decision not to award them a penalty that some even started a petition to get the game replayed, with more than 350,000 signing it.

And they took out their anger on Cucurella on Tuesday night, as the neutral fans in the stadium rounded on the Spanish full-back.

There were boos and whistles when his name was read out before the game and that continued every time he touched the ball.

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Cucurella reacted to the jeers after the game, saying: "These are things that happen, I'm not to blame for anything.

"I don't know what they were trying to achieve with that, but that's the way it is.

"The most important thing is that we're in the final, and that's it."

Spain manager Luis de la Fuente said it had motivated his player to perform better.

He said: "I don’t know the reason for the booing of Cucurella, but all it did was motivate him.

"I am against disrespect and those who booed do not represent German society."

Spain star Daniel Vivian offered the strongest criticism, branding the treatment of his teammate as a 'disgrace'.

"No player deserves this," he said, as reported by Kicker.

"I think if you come onto a football pitch to boo someone, you have no respect for someone who is doing their job."


Germany boss Nagelsmann did not blame English ref Taylor for not giving the spot-kick against Cucurella, but called for a change in the handball rule.

Nagelsmann said: “When it happened, I couldn’t see it well and all I was thinking was: I hope it is a penalty. Afterwards I saw it on television more clearly but at that time that is all I could think. They were more lucky than we were.

"There is a rule and I hope there is no wrong decision. They applied the rule and it was not a penalty. I do not feel cheated. For me the question is about making it more practical, more logical, in terms of how this rule is assessed. I say this for football [in general] not today. You look at the hand, if it is at 3 o’clock, if it is a bit higher or a bit lower. But there are people with bigger muscles than me, different movements.

“I don’t understand why we don’t take into account what is happening with the ball. If Musiala kicks it towards Stuttgart centre and it hits the hand, I won’t say anything. But it was going towards goal. And for me, you should look at where it is going.

“Is it going into the clouds or is it going in the goal? In one case it is a penalty, in the other it is not. If it is going into the stands, then it is no penalty.

“The rule should be simpler. You can’t talk about intentions. You have to see where the ball is aimed. We have 50 robots that bring us our coffee so there should be an AI that calculates where the ball is going.”

Speaking about the controversy before the game against France, Cucurella said: “The ball hit my hand, but the referee immediately said no, no, no, and that made me feel better.

"If the refereeing experts say it's not a handball, then it's not a handball.”

Cucurella has enjoyed a good tournament with Spain, and played the entire game as they beat France to book a place in the final.

It was eventful with Alvaro Morata being taken out by a member of security in a bizarre post-match celebration incident, while Kylian Mbappe was faced with an excited pitch invader.

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Lamine Yamal, meanwhile, had the last laugh and appeared to remind Adrien Rabiot about something he said previously as he celebrated reaching the final and wonderful goal.

Spain will face the winner of England vs Netherlands in the final in Berlin on Sunday, which will be live on talkSPORT.

talkSPORT is bringing you live commentary of EVERY game at Euro 2024. Tune in via the website or the app, and follow our live Euro 2024 blog for all the latest news, views and reaction to the big moments.

Marc Cucurella ruthlessly booed with every touch during Euro 2024 semi-final (2024)
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