Maura Tierney Opens Up About Her Character’s ‘New Beginnings’ Toast At The End Of American Rust: Broken Justice And What It Means Moving Forward (2024)

Maura Tierney Opens Up About Her Character’s ‘New Beginnings’ Toast At The End Of American Rust: Broken Justice And What It Means Moving Forward (1)

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for American Rust: Broken Justice. Please exercise caution if you have yet to complete the show’s second season on Prime Video.

After 10 episodes of criminal conspiracies, crooked cops, shady energy companies, and so much bloodshed, American Rust: Broken Justice ended with a touching scene where Maura Tierney’s character, Grace Poe, proposed a toast for “new beginnings” at a family dinner. And while it may seem impossible for any of the major players featured in the final scene, including Jeff Daniels' Del Harris, to ever truly escape their pasts, Tierney thinks she knows where her character is going on the binge-able Amazon original series.

Shortly before the show’s second season became available to anyone with an Amazon subscription on March 28th, Tierney opened up to CinemaBlend about a number of things about American Rust: Broken Justice, including the “secret mission” she cooked up, funny conversations she had on set, and her character’s thought process when giving the “new beginnings” toast during the finale. She shared with me that Grace "means it," also noting:

I think Grace means it. I think she says this is to new beginnings. And I think she's able to almost trick yourself into thinking that there's not going to be any ramifications. Like, of course, there's going to be ramifications, I would imagine, unless it's like crimes and misdemeanors and I, and everyone, gets off. I don't know, but I think she convinces herself It's a new beginning.

Much like the show’s first go-around, American Rust: Broken Justice ended its second season with a finale that tied the bow on numerous plotlines while leaving just as many unresolved, leaving fans champing at the bit for more drama, mystery, and righteous violence from the series.

During the show’s second season, Grace Poe, Detective Del Harris, Alex Neustaedter's Billy Poe, and David Alvarez’s Isaac English attempted to overcome all kinds of problems and trauma, both new and leftovers from its first chapter (as seen in the American Rust: Broken Justice trailer). In the finale, the four main characters sat in Grace’s cabin for a family meal to celebrate their new lease on life. And moments before the season ends, Tierney’s character lifted a glass and proposed a toast for those "new beginnings."

As great as it would be for everyone at that table to get away with their various crimes – they’ve all either committed murder or helped cover it up – the show, which was resurrected after being canceled by Showtime, has told us time and time again the past always comes back to haunt you, even when characters think they’ve buried all the skeletons in the closet. For Grace, there could be plenty of “ramifications” for her actions, especially with her role in the murder of Chief Steve Park now that it has been revealed that the officer who witnessed the showdown will survive her injuries. Plus, there’s also everything from the Landwill business that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Though Amazon has yet to announce if a third season of American Rust is happening or not, there are quite a few directions the show could take if a third chapter is greenlighted. Until then, there are still plenty of great new and returning shows set to premiere on the 2024 TV schedule in the coming weeks and months.


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Maura Tierney Opens Up About Her Character’s ‘New Beginnings’ Toast At The End Of American Rust: Broken Justice And What It Means Moving Forward (2024)


What happened to Maura Tierney? ›

In 2019, Tierney originated the lead role of Elizabeth in the West Coast premiere of Jen Silverman's play Witch at the Geffen Playhouse, directed by Marti Lyons. In March 2020, Tierney joined the cast of Showtime's American Rust. In October 2020, Tierney joined the cast of Showtime's Your Honor.

Who is the female lawyer in your honor? ›

Fiona McKee is a lawyer.

Why did Maura Tierney leave Er? ›

In July of 2009, Maura underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her breast. She later had a breast mastectomy. Maura had to leave the NBC series "Parenthood" after discovering that she had breast cancer. Promotional items with her were already released by NBC to promote the show in 2009.

Is Maura Tierney Gene Tierney's daughter? ›

Contrary to popular belief, Maura is not related to actress Gene Tierney or actor Lawrence Tierney. Maura went on to attend New York University, but ended up six credits short of graduation. Maura Tierney also studied at the renowned Circle in the Square Theatre School.

Does Abby come back to ER? ›

Usually referred to as simply Abby, she first appears as a guest star in the first half of the sixth season, before becoming a main character later that season, appearing until the beginning of the fifteenth season. Tierney returned to make one final guest appearance later in season fifteen.

How old was Gene Tierney when she died? ›

Death. Tierney died of emphysema on November 6, 1991, in Houston, 13 days before what would have been her 71st birthday. She is interred in Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.

Who is Big Mo's girlfriend in Your Honor? ›

It's the opening night of Big Mo's jazz club, and after nearly running over her new neighbor, Gina (and the camera) takes a good, long look at the marquee, which hails Janelle Williams, Big Mo's girlfriend, as the featured performer.

Who is the mother in Your Honor? ›

Your Honor (TV Series 2020–2023) - Elise Adams as Mother - IMDb.

Who is Jimmy's wife in Your Honor? ›

Your Honor (TV Series 2020–2023) - Hope Davis as Gina Baxter - IMDb.

Do Luka and Abby have a baby? ›

She is married to Dr. Luka Kovač, with whom she has a son, Joe.

Does Luka find out Abby cheated? ›

While Abby seeks help for her alcoholism, Luka and Joe return to Croatia for his father's funeral. While Abby is in rehab, Luka briefly returns to Chicago to visit her, at which time he quit his job at County. Upon her release from rehab, Abby joins him, and tells him about her alcohol induced infidelity.

Was Carol pregnant on ER? ›

After Doug has left, Carol begins experiencing headaches and insomnia that she at first blames on stress. She soon realizes that she is actually pregnant. She struggles with the emotions of being pregnant without Doug, even though she tells him not to return to Chicago when she informs him of her pregnancy.

Who were Tierney's lovers? ›

On-screen, gorgeous brunette actress Gene Tierney helped to invent the femme fatale in movies like Laura and Leave Her to Heaven, and off-screen, she had serious romances with four of the great playboys of the 20th century: John F. Kennedy, Howard Hughes, Prince Aly Khan and costume/fashion designer Oleg Cassini.

How long was Maura Tierney on ER? ›

Tierney came to fame in TV shows that embodied the total opposite – ER, in which she starred from 1999 to 2009, was a warm hug of a show, comforting in its soapy, life-or-death melodrama.

What color were Gene Tierney's eyes? ›

Tierney's wide-set green eyes were made for the Technicolor process used at Twentieth Century-Fox, which is where she made most of her films.

What happened to the actress Gene Tierney? ›

Gene died of emphysema in Houston, Texas, on November 6, 1991, just two weeks shy of her 71st birthday.

Who is Maura Tierney married to now? ›

Did Gene Tierney have any grandchildren? ›

In addition to her two daughters, Tierney is survived by two granddaughters, two grandsons and a sister, Patricia Byrne.

What happens to Abby Lockhart on Er? ›

Abby's final appearance as a series regular was in the Season 15 episode "The Book of Abby", when she quietly left with Luka and her son Joe to live in Boston, after the couple decided it was time for a clean start.

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